@sabsoh Instagram Profile 11:43 PM Jan 8, 2019

Definitely such a pretty sunset

@janichan Instagram Profile 1:05 AM Jan 9, 2019

That’s so great! I’ve been trying to keep off my phone too! It’s been really uplifting.

@abeersaysblog Instagram Profile 1:07 AM Jan 9, 2019

@janichan I know right! Try cutting down Screen time to limited hrs during the day. That helps :)

@womanonaroll Instagram Profile 3:35 AM Jan 9, 2019

Sounds like the detox made you even happier with everything you managed to do😃.

@amyytk Instagram Profile 6:04 AM Jan 9, 2019

wow such an amazing view there!!

@oriana_bs Instagram Profile 6 days ago

I love internet pauses too ! Maybe too much, sometimes I forget I that I have a blog to take care of 😅 Lovely pic ! 🌟

@tomandmon Instagram Profile 5 days ago

Ahhh we love this shot, fellow traveler!! 😊 If you’ve got a minute, would you check out our USA food & travel blog? ✨

@daily_style_trends_ Instagram Profile 4 days ago

Just really cute and dazzling🔝😄 Wanna get on our page? Connect with me to find out more!!