@rachandalotabooks Instagram Profile 11:57 AM Nov 21, 2018

I've only read up to Empire of Storms. And that was almost two years ago. So I'm rereading the series and am now up to EoS. Lol

@bookstersisters Instagram Profile 12:31 PM Nov 21, 2018

Red queen because I was very disappointed with the third book. I don’t plan to finish it now

@dreemingofbooks Instagram Profile 2:01 PM Nov 21, 2018

Harry potter, i was saving up to buy the books, ended up in a not so good place in my life and splurged to make myself feel better

@seeliepages Instagram Profile 2:27 PM Nov 21, 2018

An ember in the ashes! I haven't read book 3 yet but it's been a while so I don't know if I will

@sirius_bibliophiles Instagram Profile 9:06 PM Nov 21, 2018

Tmi 😰 I need to finish at least the first three to read tid 😰

@sunny.pages Instagram Profile 11:04 PM Nov 21, 2018

Mistborn because I still haven’t had the chance and miss peregrines because when I finished the second my mum was reading the third and then I forgot about it

@oceans_of_books Instagram Profile 10:43 AM Nov 22, 2018

TMI by C.Clare. I just don't like it and can't make myself to read it 😭😭

@knjiskimoljac3 Instagram Profile 11:03 AM Nov 22, 2018

The Legend series. I like the first two books, but I never cared too much to find out what happened in the last one.πŸ™ˆ

@earlybookishbirds Instagram Profile 9:23 PM Nov 22, 2018

Daughter of smoke and bone it was really nice but i have higher priorities on my tbr

@reviews_from_a_bookworm Instagram Profile 6:33 AM Nov 23, 2018

The Lunar Chronicles. I do plan to at some point. I just didn't absolutely love book one and two so wasn't as invested in continuing

@buttercupsbooks Instagram Profile 10:50 AM Nov 23, 2018

I started Stalking Jack The Ripper on this trip but I haven't finished it yet (I'm getting to distracted to read while I'm hereπŸ˜‚)