@paul.i7 Instagram Profile 4:33 PM Oct 31, 2018

The new iPad is such beautiful

@runningintoclouds Instagram Profile 5:00 PM Oct 31, 2018

I think the iPad is finally fulfilling its original vision I think. I’m just thrilled over the new iPad design.

@realityliberal Instagram Profile 5:07 PM Oct 31, 2018

Apple is definitely not winning, the notch is so ugly. Samsung is winning because they are still notchless and the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be bezel less.

@zombiepanda20 Instagram Profile 9:07 PM Oct 31, 2018

Honestly the lighting port is still superior in a few ways. USB-C still has the stupid little wedge in the port whereas lightning is a solid state port. The little wedge can get dirty, can break and is just all around a worst design. Having the contacts on the inside edge of the port is a far superior solution and it sucks that USB-C, which will be with us for the next 10 years still has that stupid little wedge. They should have designed it like the lightning port because out of the two I still prefer it over USB-C in terms of design

@actorjadenbethel Instagram Profile 6:53 PM Nov 1, 2018

@jesward_ii I would hope Apple went with a port-less 100% waterproof design. Then we wouldn’t have to deal with complaints of USB-C and Lightning 2.0 ports.

@jesward_ii Instagram Profile 7:37 PM Nov 1, 2018

@actorjadenbethel they won’t even give us a $10 dongle in the box anymore.. they won’t ship these phones with AirPods if they remove the port, so the only option left is shipping with no headphones which I’m sure 90% of the phone community would scream about. It would make sense and is hopefully where they’re going. I wish they had made a normal air power for 1 device before trying to make a whole damn mat.

@carson.__.wells Instagram Profile 9:49 PM Nov 1, 2018

@officialjaeicon it costs a little amount of money to put an oled on your phone you manufacture. The oneplus 6t has a higher res oled screen and costs $200 less.

@actorjadenbethel Instagram Profile 9:54 PM Nov 1, 2018

@jesward_ii Well, either Apple would have to sell its AirPods with the iPhone for an increased cost, or lower the cost of the iPhone without the AirPods.

@jaeicon Instagram Profile 10:21 PM Nov 1, 2018

@carson.__.wells well apple ain't about spending billions to make millions! Those company ain't about the luxury & premium lifestyle that y they try to offer ppl with minimum budget those devices!

@nick_wolcott Instagram Profile 2:02 AM Nov 2, 2018

I hope apple can one day be innovative again

@cctpitts01 Instagram Profile 9:59 PM Nov 2, 2018

I’m loving the look of the new iPads it will go well with my new XS Max, sorry iPad 9.7 Pro you have served me well 😂😂😂

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