@dr_sooz320 Instagram Profile 8:23 PM Nov 8, 2018

I haven’t adjusted to that Bld yet Can’t decide if it works there

@robertwtobin Instagram Profile 8:31 PM Nov 8, 2018

Can’t get over those new super talls. Been awhile since I’ve been in New York!

@fotoaloha Instagram Profile 8:42 PM Nov 8, 2018

So disappointed with the RAMSA tower. Also their building on CPS and the one downtown!

@joseluntok Instagram Profile 11:52 PM Nov 8, 2018

Dope shot πŸ”₯πŸ™ŒπŸ½

@madufault Instagram Profile 12:03 AM Nov 9, 2018

@robertwtobin Me too! I’m not sure I like that one. The design is definitely not to my taste.

@madufault Instagram Profile 12:07 AM Nov 9, 2018

@nychxbuff I think it doesn’t really work. The proportions are off and the design from another era (aka 1980s)

@soheeheeeeeee Instagram Profile 9:45 PM Nov 25, 2018

Such a beautiful picture at an awesome angle!!!