@abbytaskerx Instagram Profile 11:21 AM Oct 6, 2018

@amytasker1 wow thatโ€™s excactly what I meant when I said I wanted my room green and white , damn mum you got it perfect

@interiorsbydesigninc Instagram Profile 4:53 PM Oct 6, 2018

No, sorry. How do plants get light, maintenance, you have an accident and you have water, smelly water all over your mattress. No privacy, feels squished and rooms shoved into the corners. Finishes are lovely, it's the footprint and functionality that failed .

@renevillanuevamx Instagram Profile 8:25 PM Oct 6, 2018

Estรก maravilloso รฉse espacio! Lo quiero ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŒŸ

@belen.sonnet Instagram Profile 10:26 PM Oct 6, 2018

Pienso que las plantas dificilmente vivan mas de unos dias. Lo he intentado con algunas sobre la mesa, con luz y agua y nada.bello espacio igualmente

@andjaneloson Instagram Profile 5:05 PM Oct 7, 2018

Nice, come and take a look at my profile ;) !