@mdw000 Instagram Profile 12:43 AM Oct 6, 2018

This particular finish is a sign of poverty in certain parts of the world. Interesting...

@saiedpazel3000 Instagram Profile 2:18 AM Oct 6, 2018

افزایش فالور لایک ویو با بهترین قیمت صدرصد ایرانی تلگرام saied1367

@roy.hill111 Instagram Profile 9:23 AM Oct 6, 2018

@architecturedose one of the worst interior I came across. No creativity found. Looks old run down place.... Rating 1, if options Available I would rate negative

@pierreelias Instagram Profile 12:53 PM Oct 6, 2018

Wonderful. May be the light (ugly big bulbs on the fans) could have been replaced by a most modern and efficient system

@allegrard Instagram Profile 3:44 AM Oct 7, 2018

Love it! Would love to see more of that