@hayleyscarberry Instagram Profile 10:03 PM Oct 5, 2018

I’m reading Ink, but I’m also reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer

@adymcmxciv Instagram Profile 5:22 AM Oct 6, 2018

Of course I'm reading Ink right now, but along with that I'm reading Gone by Michael Grant and I just finished Lord Of Shadows by Cassandra Claire yesterday.

@lara_anandita Instagram Profile 3:04 PM Oct 6, 2018

My sister's keeper by Jodi Picoult. Ink on wattpad. ♥

@guyfromhoboken Instagram Profile 2:03 AM Oct 7, 2018

Glad to see you are reading Holly Black! She was a good friend of mine in HS. We did theater together

@tiach2002 Instagram Profile 5:10 PM Oct 7, 2018

The host by Stephenie mehyer so gooooood