@holy.v1 Instagram Profile 4:09 AM Oct 12, 2018

I hated jake in this episode

@dan_wepp Instagram Profile 4:36 AM Oct 12, 2018

U ganked my spirit walker!!!!

@supergamer32zx Instagram Profile 4:46 AM Oct 12, 2018

Jake=Every gamer who are battling other gamers in Call of Duty, Fortnite, etc online

@svpreme420 Instagram Profile 10:36 AM Oct 12, 2018

Had to watch this episode after seeing this lol it's ep 13 btw

@jackgray312 Instagram Profile 11:06 AM Oct 12, 2018

“I Floop the pig, NOOO!” Gets me every time 😂

@im_so_abstract_ Instagram Profile 1:42 PM Oct 12, 2018

I loved this episode man I wish I could play this game it looked so dope

@iesssa Instagram Profile 2:04 PM Oct 12, 2018

I made edit on it 💗

@kymidd Instagram Profile 6:08 PM Oct 12, 2018

We all have that one friend who is simultaneously the worst loser and the worst winner.

@snoopy_doggy_store Instagram Profile 11:03 PM Oct 12, 2018

Love how great team Finn & Jake make.. haha "Jake-make". If you have 💖 for them, we have 💝 for you. Come get your FREE Adventure Time watch today, wile we still have any left ⏳

@heffnerjordan Instagram Profile 5:07 AM Oct 13, 2018

I like the fact that we finally get to learn why Jake is so competitive later on in the series

@xerianon Instagram Profile 7:20 AM Oct 13, 2018

I love how the Pig is the most important thing in this game😂

@robodrawer Instagram Profile 7:07 PM Oct 13, 2018

Jack is a sore loser who can’t accept defeat!