@ilemonaidi Instagram Profile 12:20 AM Sep 21, 2018

Y'all are friends? It's been a while lol

@hiiizay Instagram Profile 10:34 PM Sep 28, 2018

Every body n that picture funny asf I swear to god I be dead asf I swear😂😂😂y’all keep grinding bro

@cxark Instagram Profile 10:45 PM Sep 29, 2018

Look @ meech in the second picture 💀💀💀

@ici.slayy Instagram Profile 9:08 PM Oct 4, 2018

I love you guys from day one on vine my niggu❤️❤️

@woahhitsnae Instagram Profile 9:36 PM Oct 4, 2018

All y’all can not be in the same house together plus meech and jay versay 😂😂

@tayysoul Instagram Profile 4:01 AM Oct 16, 2018

My thing is why are there several goats on one picture like is it me or what 💯🔥💥

@emon10k Instagram Profile 2:10 PM Oct 16, 2018

Why Meech Look Like Comethazine

@fabz_artz Instagram Profile 11:56 PM Oct 18, 2018

✋™I am a graphic designer💫💫. Hit me 👆 to get super cool design🎉 of your picture illustrated and cartoon 🎨character of your self 💯💯

@tbh._nylaaaa Instagram Profile 9:07 AM Nov 5, 2018

I just saw Kenny and I was like WTF😂😂😂