@fillingourbucket Instagram Profile 2:38 AM Jul 8, 2018

What's your criteria for adding a state? Ours is we have to spend the night.

@explorateurs.us Instagram Profile 3:31 AM Jul 8, 2018

Hey, you are in our home base! We should get together. How long are you here? We just had a grandbaby so our schedule is scrambled.

@bs.adventure Instagram Profile 3:34 AM Jul 8, 2018

MN is aaaaahhhhhmazing in the summer and fall!! 😄

@itsawanderfulrvlife Instagram Profile 3:39 AM Jul 8, 2018

@explorateurs.us Congratulations on the new grandbaby. We are hearing to Gunnison tomorrow and will be there for a week. Where exactly in CO are you guys? We would love to get together if we can. :)

@bs.adventure Instagram Profile 3:45 AM Jul 8, 2018

@itsawanderfulrvlife that's what they tell us! 😊 I'm 8 days overdue so at this point I'm thinking it might just decide to stay inside instead!

@pookiesmash Instagram Profile 4:20 AM Jul 8, 2018

Come to Maine! September /October is amazing

@explorateurs.us Instagram Profile 2:19 PM Jul 8, 2018

@itsawanderfulrvlife we are in Fruita, just a few miles from you! But sounds like you are leaving! Gunnison will be nice and not so HOT! We are here for 2 more weeks then off to Crested Butte! You should go up there while in Gunnison. Have fun!

@thegraysonwheels Instagram Profile 2:30 PM Jul 8, 2018

Just stayed at Grand Junction KOA! Sorry we missed meeting you instagram friends! Go to Palisade and see the lavender fields, wineries, fruit trees- its beautiful!

@ksedlazcek Instagram Profile 3:17 PM Jul 8, 2018

Will you have time to go to the Black Canyon near Montose? It was my husband favorite place we saw during our travels.

@boho_velle Instagram Profile 7:52 PM Jul 8, 2018

Nice!!! We just hit 22 today!! :) I love adding new stickers. Makes it so official!